Vayakhel: Keeping Focused

We learn in this week’s portion that the princes of the twelve tribes were among the very last of the Jewish people to contribute towards the building of the Tabernacle. Why? Shouldn’t they have been role models for the people, and wouldn’t they have inspired the people to donate even more if they had gone […]

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Ki Tisa: Mirror Images

In this class we will discuss the spiritual significance of the copper vessel from which the water that was used to purify the priests in the Temple prior to their service was drawn. We will examine the appropriateness of using the copper from the mirrors that the Jewish women had used to groom themselves, in […]

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Tetzaveh: Divine Garments

When viewing the noble clothing, rich tailoring and the elaborate design of a ruler or affluent person; does it reflect anything more than ego, opulence, fashion, high position, and power? What message does clothing relay? What deeper significance does it convey? In this class we will learn about the High Priest’s glorious garments. Every detail in […]

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Вступление к циклу “Тора и Каббала”

Что такое Каббала: “наука”, не имеющая отношения к религии, или органичная часть Торы? Почему оно именуется Тайным Учением, и если оно такое “тайное”, то о чем мы тут тогда судачим? Ну и, наконец, не сотворить ли нам для начала Небо и Землю… Нередактированная запись двухлетней давности вводного занятия в стэйтен-айлендской группе. Пожалуйста, оставьте комментарий, нужно […]

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Terumah: Making a Home for G-d

When one thinks about the concept of the Tabernacle and the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, the obvious question that comes to mind is why is G-d confining Himself to a single place of worship if He’s truly everywhere? In this lesson we will examine how and why G-d’s true Essence in our material world is […]

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